What is Core Metabolic?

I have spent 30 years exercising essentially the same way: high dosage of aerobic with varying levels of intensity. Running, biking, swimming. Very little flexibility; very little strength training. All of it took a lot of time and produced very little change.

We exercise to look good, feel good, stay alive as long as possible and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We may have some specific goals related to a sport we love to play. We have bought machines, gym memberships, hired trainers, watched videos. We have injured ourselves, rehabilitated our aging bodies and eventually come to wonder if we are on the right path.

Some have tried P90x, Cross Fit and Insanity. All favorites of orthopedic surgeons – they drive lots of business.

I tried something called Turbulence Training. The founder, Craig Ballantyne, promotes a lot of exercise programs that require high intensity (graduated depending on ability and fitness level), very little rest between exercises and work a lot of different muscle groups. You spend 30-40 minutes, 3 times per week and keep somewhat active on the other days (walking etc).  That is core metabolic.

You don’t need much equipment. He provides follow along videos. It builds overall┬ácore strength and, if you want to, muscle mass in targeted areas.

There are enough programs that you can switch it up every month or 3 months and the connection with the network of fitness trainers he connects with will give you lots of new programs if you want to buy them.

Programs tend to run about $30-40 for a decent selection of programs that can last you a long time. Cheap compared to one session with a live trainer.

It all works. I recommend it without reservation. Oh, and he has some great stuff for when you are traveling and need to work in something to avoid feeling dreadful.

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